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Trademark Registration


Trademark is the most significant aspect of any good or any service provided as it is intended to be an identity of that good or service in the market. Trademark is like a unique identity to define you in the market. It can be anything, a word, a symbol, a combination of both, a design, or anything that is used by customers to recognize your good or service in the market.

A trademark can also be a product, for example, iPod is a registered product of the company Apple Inc. After successful registration of your good or service, it becomes your very own Intellectual Property (IP). Therefore it becomes very important to gain legal protection on these trademarks. By getting your trademark registered you get legal protection from any fraud or any kind of counterfeit.

It protects the investment made by the investors and creates a sense of trust and loyalty among the customers. Registering your trademark gives you the right to sue in case of misuse or imitation of your trademark. Here at YouTax, our team of highly experienced professionals understands the value of your trademark and therefore we make sure to protect it against every possible blunder. Our experienced consultants will guide you through the whole process and make sure that your trademark is secured and registered.

What can be registered as a Trademark?

Trademarks are to be picked wisely; those aspects of your goods or service which provides certain uniqueness to them are mostly registered as a trademark. Those aspects which outstand your products are to be chosen. 

Following are a few examples:

1) Name: A person’s name or surname, the product name, or abbreviations can be registered as a trademark 

2) Logo or symbols are registered as a trademark

3) Taglines are also registered as a trademark. If you have a tagline for your business you can get it registered as well.

4) A Color or Scent or a particular sound that provides a uniqueness to your product can also be registered

What is Trademark Class:

The Nice Agreement of 1957 established the WIPO Nice Classifications. The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Nice Classifications decides on the classes of trademarks on a yearly basis. 

A Trademark class is an internationally recognized standard for the classification of goods and services. There are 45 Classes in total. Before registering your product or service one must understand the class in which it qualifies. This is a tricky process, therefore it is necessary to consult an expert before you register your good or service. 

YouTax has the best consultants with vivid experiences in trademark registrations, these professionals will help you identify the class of your good or service and get it registered quickly for your benefit. 

Following are examples of popular classes of trademarks seen in India:

Class 1 - Chemical used in industry, agriculture, science, industries, etc.

Class 4 - Industrial oils, greases, lubricants, etc.

Class 25 – Clothing, footwear, etc.

Class 30 - Coffee, tea, rice, cocoa, sugar, etc.

Class 41 – Education, sports activities, cultural activities, etc.

How to register your Trademark:

Registration of a trademark is a tricky process. It takes profound knowledge in the field of intellectual property to understand the class in which your trademark falls. If failed to understand the same, it would just end up not getting registered. Therefore it is highly recommended to consult an expert. That is where we come into the picture, YouTax consists of a team of highly professional individuals with profound knowledge in the field of trademarks and Intellectual Property. We will not only identify the product for you but will get it registered for you in a hassle-free manner rapidly.

What are the documents required to register a trademark:

Documentation is the most important procedure for the registration of a trademark. It is a tedious procedure and often mistakes are made while filing the documents. Therefore it is highly recommended that a professional does the part of the documentation. YouTax consists of a team of highly professional individuals who will take care of this tedious procedure for you.

Initially, the following are a few of the documents you should be providing us with:
1) Name of the Applicant
2) Name of the Brand, Logo, or symbol
3) Type of the business
4) Address for registration
5) Identification and address proof of the signatory
6) Business proof depending on the type of business