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Company Audit

In order to understand what a company audit is, it is important to understand the term “audit”. In layman's terms, an audit can be understood as an official inspection of the accounts of an individual or an organization. But to formally define an audit, it is a systematic, documented, and independent process for obtaining evidence in order to confirm the accuracy of the financial statements provided by an organization. An audit can be done internally, by the employees of the organization or by an independent auditor, or by an organization externally. An external inspection is usually preferred to check if there is no fraud committed while maintaining the books of accounts.

What is a Company Audit?

Among all the statutory audits, company audits are the most famous. Company Audits are done with the objective of reporting the state of the company’s accounts and finance to the regulatory authority. The Company Audits are governed by the Companies Act, of 2013. The audit report forms have their own set of rules and instructions which are set by the government and are to be followed thoroughly while filing for a company audit. This is where you need to have a financial assessment and Youtax is exactly the place to be. Our reliable financial experts will provide you with proper consultation and make sure your company gets audited on time.     

How do get your company audited?

Every Company registered under the Companies Act has to be audited. The company has to be audited by a practicing Chartered Account. The appointment of an auditor for the purpose is mandatory. As per Section 228 of the Companies Act, 1956, where the company has a branch office, its accounting should also be audited. The audit of accounts of the branch can be done either by the company auditor or by any other person who is qualified to act as the company’s auditor.

We at YouTax consist of a team of highly qualified experts who have the necessary skill and knowledge to conduct an audit of the company efficiently. You can visit us on our website or reach out to us at our contact number(91) 8421447373. You Tax is determined to make this whole procedure easy for you and get your company audited on time.