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Every Company and LLP registered under the Companies Act, 2013 and Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008 has to mandatorily file an annual declaration to the Registrar of Companies of the state in which the Company or LLP is instituted. ROC compliances can be made once a year or on the happening of an event. Registrar of Company is a body governed by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) that looks after the administration of companies and LLP. It is also responsible to issue certification of incorporation or registration and take cognizance of every new development in the affairs of the companies and LLP. 

In any ROC compliance, the company or LLP has to inform the ROC about every change that takes place within the company or LLP like a change in the directors, change in name, or association. The ROC compliance must include the annual returns, agreements, and other financial details. Also, the company and LLP have to file various forms with the ROC compliances which are related to a specific purpose like the passing of any new resolution or appointment of a director.

Benefits of Conducting ROC compliance:

1. Avoiding penalties and being secured

2. Avoid legal consequences for not filing ROC on time.

3. ROC is seen as proof of existence for the company or LLP when their annual reports are regularly filed

4. It helps to maintain, update, and organize the Company’s administrative, legal and financial situations.

Forms to be filed with ROC:

ROCs are made annually or when an event takes place. Such events are to be mandatorily submitted to the ROC. Therefore there are certain forms that are to be filed whenever a ROC is filed on the happening of a certain event.
Following are examples of a few forms to be filed while filing for ROC:

1. MGT-7: To be filed by all registered companies for the purpose of filing annual returns

2. Form 11: To be filed by all registered LLPs for the purpose of filing annual returns

3. Form 8: To be filed by all registered LLPs for the purpose of submitting the annual statement

4. ADT-1: To be filed by all registered, unregistered, listed, and unlisted companies for the purpose of auditor appointment

5. ADT-3: if any auditor resigns

6. INC-22: To be filed by all registered companies if there is a change in the location of its registered office.

7. INC-23: To be filed by all registered companies if there is a change in the location of its registered office from one state to another. The approval of the regional director is mandatory for this purpose.

Procedure as to ROC compliance:

ROC compliance is totally based on documentation. The procedure is difficult and can often be found confusing. We at YouTax with the help of our reliable consultants have successfully filed various ROC in accordance with the customer demand and have satisfied our customers. The point to consider here is that we will be filing ROC as per your demands and therefore the procedure would change as to the purpose of filing ROC.

The following is therefore a standard procedure to file a ROC:

1. Information as to the Application: Based on the purpose of filing the ROC, you would have to provide us with the information necessary to fulfill the registration of that purpose. This information will change as per the forms which are needed to be filed with ROC.

2. Documentations: After the collection of information, you would have to provide us with the necessary documents which are necessary to file the ROC. These documents will vary as per the requirements of the form which are needed to be filed with ROC 

3. ROC Form Filing: The Annual ROC Form or any other form will be filed by us after collecting the necessary information and verifying and cross-examining the documents provided by you

The whole procedure is quite complicated therefore it is important to consult with financial experts. We at YouTax consist of a team of highly experienced professional individuals, who will make this whole process easy for you. We at YouTax are determined to make ROC filing easy, hassle-free, and quick for all our customers. All you have to do is reach out to us on our website youtax.in  or call us on our contact number +(91) 8421447373