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Professional Tax

The term professional tax should not be confused with tax which has to be paid by professionals such as doctors or employees such as government servants only. It has a very wide meaning and accommodates a lot of other sectors for the same purpose as well. The term Professional Tax means the tax levied by the State government on any person who is earning a living through a medium. Basically, it is the tax that has to be paid by every single earning individual which includes freelancers, traders, and business professionals as well.

Who has to pay Professional Tax?

Following are a few examples of individuals and entities that have to pay professional tax:

1. Companies

2. LLP’s

3. Firms

4. Societies

5. Corporations

6. Chartered Accountants 

7. Chartered Secretary

8. Tax Consultants

9. Doctors, Dentists, Medical Consultants

10. Contractors

11. Engineers

12. Architects 

Who doesn’t have to pay Professional Tax?

Following are a few examples of entities that are exempted from paying professional tax:

1. Ex-Servicemen [SI No.1 (Schedule)]

2. Individuals who run an educational institute (Classes up to 12th STD.)

3. Handicapped Individuals (At least 40 % disability)

4. Individuals in Central Para Military Force (CPMF)

5. Individuals with visual and hearing disabilities and who are earning a salary

Who collects the Professional Tax?

The Professional Tax is levied by the State Government and therefore varies from State to State. The procedure to pay professionals is online as well as offline. Each state has a different slab for its professional taxes. Following is the tax slab for the state of Maharashtra:

Monthly Salary


        Up to Rs.7500 for men

No tax is levied

        Up to Rs.10000 for women

No tax is levied

        Rs.7501 to 10,000


        Rs.10,000 and above

Rs.200 for 12 months and Rs.300 for last month

 If you are an employee at a firm or in a company, the employer deducts the Professional Tax from your salary and later submits it to the government. If you are self-employed then you have to pay the tax yourself.

If you are self-employed, in that case, to pay the professional tax you have to fill out a form available on the official website of the State Government. For the state of Maharashtra, the website is mahagst.gov.in. The applicant must then fill out the enrollment application form and a few other forms for the same. This whole process is thoroughly based on documentation. It is highly recommended to consult a financial expert or consultant like YouTax before applying for the same.

We at YouTax have the best financial experts with profound experience in the field. We can take care of your Professional Tax submission, be it as a self-employed individual or a professional enterprise. We have a team of highly professional technical and financial experts who will make sure that your taxes are paid on time. All you have to do is contact us on our contact number which is  +(91)8421447373 or visit our website youtax.in.

We are committed to making this whole tedious procedure easy for you and satisfying all of your taxation-related issues.

Consequences of not paying Professional Tax:

A penalty is imposed by the State government if one does not register to pay the professional tax. The penalty may defer from State to State. The state government also imposes taxes on those who do not pay Professional tax within the due date. For example, the State Government imposes Rs.5 per day for delays in registration. 

Therefore it becomes very important to make sure that your professional tax is been paid to the state Government. We at Youtax will make sure that your enterprise pays the professional tax on time, if you are a self-employed individual we will make sure that you get registered on time and pay your professional tax in a hassle-free manner.