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Digital Signature

The world is rapidly changing. Right from communication to transactions, today everything has been digitalized. Therefore the use of digital signatures is increasing immensely. A digital signature is nothing but an electronic form of authorization used in digital platforms. Digital certificates, digital signatures, usernames, and password authentication systems are a few well-known examples of digital signatures. 

Digital signatures basically work as a system of identification but on a digital platform. It is equivalent to a handwritten signature in the digital realm. The usage of such signatures has been rapidly increasing on various important platforms like government organizations and financial institutions; therefore it has to be well-secured and protected. 

Here at YouTax, we make sure that all the safety measures and standards are utilized to protect and safeguard your digital signatures. YouTax consists of a team of highly professional and experienced experts who will not only make you understand the whole process but will also get the job done for you.

What Are Digital Signatures Used For: 

A digital signature is used vividly on various platforms, following are a few examples:

  • Income tax return filing 
  • For various government-related tenders
  • For registration of companies under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA)
  • For trademark registrations
  • For Annual Compliance for Registrar of Companies (ROC)

Types of Digital Signatures:

A digital signature can be identified in various classes determining the purpose of such a signature, these are as follows:

  • Class 1 – Used in low-risk environments. Are not used for any legal documentation
  • Class 2 – Used in a moderate-risk environment. These are used for various legal documents like goods and service tax returns (GST), and income tax returns, for all types of tax documents.
  • Class 3 – Used in high-risk environments. Used prominently for verification of identification in various certifying authorities. These are used for court filings, e-tendering, e-ticketing, etc. 

Who Can Issue A Digital Signature?

The issuance of a digital signature is done by competent authorities appointed by the government for the same. After providing the required documents and following the procedure accurately, a certificate is issued by these competent authorities as proof of such digital identifications. The Digital signatures cannot be transferred through the email address or other application; it has to be stored in separate digital storage. This storage is highly protected to avoid misuse of your digital signature. YouTax will make this whole process much more convenient and easy for you. 

Following are a few authorities that issue digital signatures in India:
  • E-Mudra
  • National Information Centre
  • CDAC
  • NSDL 

Documents Required For Digital Signature Certification: 

The documentation procedure can be found hectic, therefore it is highly recommended to consult an expert for the same. YouTax consists of a team of highly intellectual and experienced professionals, who will not only provide you with professional consultation but will also make sure that the whole procedure is hassle-free and quick for your benefit.
  • PAN and AADHAR

Digital signatures are the future of transactions undoubtedly. Therefore acquiring one is a must. YouTax helps you acquire your digital signature easily without any complications. We at YouTax have a team of well-qualified personnel who will make sure that your digital signature is well-protected and not misused in any way. All you have to do is call us at our contact number +91 8421447373 or visit our website www.youtax.in.