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TAX APPLICATION NUMBER is a unique alphanumeric number provided by the Income Tax Department for the purpose of tax deduction. The Tax Application Number is a prerequisite while filing for TDS i.e. Tax Deduction at Source and TCS i.e. Tax Collected at Source. It works as an identifier for any individual and all entities who deduct tax at the source. TAN is provided to any person who makes an application for it and every TDS and TCS payment is to be made by using this TAN number. TAN is also used while making payments of professional fees, and rents, salary to name a few. TAN applications are of two types: TAN application for allotment and TAN application for correction.

TAN application for allotment: 

Application for a new TAN can be made online as well as offline. The applicant has to visit the NSDL-TIN for an online application. For offline application, the applicant must download and fill the form 49B which should be submitted to the nearest TIN Facilitation Centre (TIN-FC). The address to centers is provided on the NSDL-TIN website. 

TAN application for correction or change:

Such an application is usually made after the TAN is received. If there is any correction in the data provided in the TAN application or any kind of correction has to be made in the previous application, one has to submit an application to the IT department of the TIN- Felicitation center where the application for Tan was originally submitted. One must provide the TAN allotment letter and all the details of the TAN for the same.

Documents required for TAN application:

No document other than the AADHAR card and PAN card is required while applying for a TAN. However, if the application is made online, then the acknowledgment generated during the submission of the form must be downloaded, signed, and forwarded to the NSDL through the post. 

How to apply for TAN:

TAN can be applied online as well as offline. The procedure for the TAN application can be a confusing and tedious procedure. Therefore it is always wise to refer to an expert before making such an application. We at YouTax, are determined to make this whole procedure easy, convenient, and hassle-free. Our team of experts will make sure that your TAN application is submitted correctly and rapidly. All you have to do is reach out to us on our website www.youtax.in or contact us on our mobile number:- +(91) 8421447373